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Tanya Batra, a 27 year old woman sat there on the bean bag incessantly hurling through the pages of her big fat book. There was a laptop in front of her curled up posit and the phone was buzzing beside. Busy much, eh? With a series of chats and upfront friendly conversations, we get to know that she is a buzz in herself. Enrolled in her MBA Executive course, working in marketing and modelling in part time- that is how we nominate our The Vanca Girl.

When you are aiming for the brink of success, a lot many things try to pull you back, especially for a woman in a developing society with an independent mindset. However much the society bams your determination, your family’s support is imperative, says Tanya, her family is her introspect- 

If I would not have been born in my family, I could perhaps point to many things. However, I don’t see my efforts being pulled back by the society. At least nothing that affects my determination in that sort.”

A reformation of self is crucial to being what you are today, reformation according to your experiences, achievements and surroundings. About 6 years ago, Tanya met with an almost fatal accident and was shook to her very soul. Then was the time when she realizes about the crap that we all are heads up for. Life is so abrupt, it is so delusional! You remain close to your own comfort zone and do not realize the step out of the well. After the fateful day, Tanya meets her strong self. She develops the attitude of live-life-extravagant and there is no stopping her.

I once saw a picture of on her Whatsapp profile with an immense pink palette. I was all round eyed, I turned around and asked her if she did fashion modelling too. She was like, Eh! Yeah that, in my free time. I go like all sheepishly, “Umm, when exactly do you get free time?

So that went that and so, she is the curve of self upgradation, a motive of doing better because as Ms. Batra says, “There are no inspirations that remain, they are there and then they change because you see, sky is the limit!

Her secret to all this flawless feature is very simple, as she says that her prime motivation is in making extra effort in just one direction that retains the best of her attention. Her learning curve is linear, knowledge of too much grapples you with misdirection. She wanted a career in marketing and she makes it for herself!




“Maintaining optimism in the hardest times and balance in all other times.”- Tanya’s Mantra

Tanya believes in expression, expression of all sorts. Expression is the intimacy of your own self and your immediate space, you should make it intense and passionate, should you not? Fashion for her is a form of expression and she believes that if one is free with that expression, one is fashion and able enough!

Her next level of ambition is to become a lead marketer in a consumer focused giant India.

Our February edition The Vanca Girl has two cents to share with us,
“Do exactly what you feel like doing in life, enjoy it to the fullest and don’t take it too seriously. What is life? Life is a laugh! And that’s how you should live it.”