The Celeb Fashion- What are the Celebrities wearing this month?

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We get most of our imagination and styling creativity by the celebrity looks, don’t we? Celeb Fashion is the new stylist in town! When you see Kim in that body-con dress at the airport snap, you know that body-con is totally in. One does not need to follow trends closely, one look at a snap and you know what to pick for the season. Let the celeb stylist do the bigger work of finding the best, we can just look, admire and attire it best!

The Written Buzz


Text on tees is the new buzz, yes! Keep quotes and words that you like ready for your t-shirt pitch, get t-shirts that have a message and look casual as anything. Kristen Stewart looks casual to the core in this Casual Tee cum sweater. She has amazingly balanced it with faded grey jeans and a blooming yellow cap. Casual Tees never really go away, you will not be investing in any loss, you see. Also they go with denim, leather, skirts and almost everything out there. You can also match ethnic skirts and pants with tees of words. Choose wise, for your message should be in accordance to you!

Body-con Celeb Fashion


These are safe fashion choices, if you have a glam trim body cut, you can totally flaunt on Body-con dresses. They are a tidy bit less comfortable, but you can easily get a stretchable enough Body-con dress. How hot does Kim Kardashian look in that black body-con dress as her airport look? Take inspirations!

You can look into synthetic and cotton material for a good and healthy dress option. Look into body-con tops too, they become just like a part of you and if you develop a liking for them, there is nothing like it!

The Maxi Max


Maxis are absolute love, they immensify your important appeal, I believe. There are so many kinds of Maxis available out there, have a look here! Look into floral and geometric prints for this season. Maxis are super comfortable and they look absolutely gorgeous. Miranda Kerr looks absolutely flawless in that amazing Blue Maxi Dress and sure does she look comfortable at the most!

Maxi Dress can be worn at any event and you can carry it almost everywhere. Maxi Dresses are apt for airport looks, evening events, beach wear and all the other fun places, you see!

Denim Desire


Make Denim your best bud for all times. Everything goes with Denim and Denim can highhandedly go for any event too! Denim dresses are making a big buzz in the celebrity fashion uproar and has seen many new modifications too in the designer collections. Look how amazingly Dakota Fanning is sporting that off shoulder Denim dress as her major airport look.

You can take denim dress and match it with any accessory you want, denim goes best with white and you should pair the duo together.

Check and Mate


The Perfect Plane to Meeting Outfit, look how gorgeous does Doutzen Kroes look in her button down shirt paired with perfect denim. Get easy check looks and walk with trends!

You should totally invest in checks for this season as it is one of the most popular trends for the season. Check Pants and check top-wear are equally running the race and are pretty ahead too!

Celebrity Images Courtesy: Elle