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The modern to-be moms seek to retain the glamour quotient and be fashionably pregnant without compromising on comfort and simplicity. A woman might deal with a lot of maternity-related battles but her attire doesn’t have to be one of them. While she showers her baby with abundant food and care, we’ll make sure she looks stylish before, during, and after the delivery. We understand that she cannot concentrate on her own health single-mindedly post-delivery and has a baby to look after, which adds to the delay of getting back in shape. Vanca Maternity offers fashion pieces aimed to let her enjoy this extended period, allowing her to celebrate her style, feel dressed up, and look forward to coming back to a life as close as before having a baby. Add to that, our garments are made out of natural fibre which will teach coexistence to the baby right from the womb. It can be the first step towards making the child a responsible and ethical human. With multifunctional zippers and feeding ability, these clothes will support her body even after the bundle of joy arrives. The smart nursing function increases the longevity of the clothing, solving the problem of disposing of maternity wear after a few uses. It’s eco-friendly, chemical-free, bump-friendly, and provides an easy feeding option. So enjoy the most precious moments of nurturing the little one, hassle-free with healthy food and awesome clothes.



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