Our Stories

Our Stories

Brand Vanca

Vanca has been in the fashion industry for nearly two decades, has journeyed with its various avatars and today stands true to being a contemporary fashion apparel company. The Vanca today, is the brand of choice for the evolving fashion generation of India. Vanca is more conscious and is moving towards sustainable, eco-friendly clothing. Vanca offers to the young fashionable women of India, the most desired Indianised suitability to the western fashion wardrobes.

Synonymous with contemporary, chic, built to please modern sensibilities, at The Vanca, every piece is crafted by blending European styles with Asian designs. A designer wear experience available for the mid-segment, bringing the best of good quality, affordable and yet high-end fashion to every customer. We are very much concerned about the environment and want to move towards 100% sustainable clothing.

With an enormous zeal of relentlessly ensuring that our products are top of the line, Vanca today is the perfect brand for youthful, carefree women of India who want to look good and explore with fashion further. It’s one of the most ethical, eco-friendly, sustainable fashion brand.

The Vanca Values

“Vanca” in Japanese means ‘designed towards perfection’, in Spanish it denotes -“desirable” and in Sanskrit it stands for ‘creative passion’. It is only natural then that we imbibe our identity and future direction with such inspired thought. Vanca believes in the beauty of style, grace and harmony achieved through perfection of design.

The Vanca was created by “Design Believers” who have not only been designing for the best but innovating to help them achieve their fullest glory. We are a passionate team, dedicated to creating world-class designs, straight from the heart. Ever since our inception, it has been our endeavour to build an ethical brand which constantly strives to positions itself as an ever-evolving and ever-relevant fashion brand.

The Vanca Bird Story 

It is believed that in the mystic land of Europe, originated the elusive bird ‘Vanca’, freeing herself from any geographic or cultural constraints, she flew around the World, to finally make her home in India. Vanca is a vivacious free spirit, an unrestrained impulse, an unrestrained explorer who is in perpetual pursuit of perfection, She is an expression of freedom, in it’ soul and spirit ‘Vanca’ is a tribute to the modern Indian women and is symbolic of the spirit of free and fashionable women worldwide. She is a bird who believes in co-existence, sustainable living and making habitable more believable.

The Vanca Girl

She is a young fashion-conscious Indian girl, with exposure to international fashion and with newfound confidence and larger belief in herself, she is shifting paradigms, redefining perceptions, attitudes and continuously pushing the line through innovation. She keeps transforming herself with changing times while remaining true to her core being. She is a fashion innovator.  She is bound by No Culture, No Country, No Boundaries, No Segment.  She is international yet India, classic yet experimental, fashion-forward yet grounded, edgy yet chic, relatable yet aspirational, confident yet curious. She is an expression of freedom and for whom Vanca, fashion is freedom of expression.

A sustainable fashion brand which strives to become the 100% eco-friendly, ethical, a sustainable fashion brand of choice.