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What to keep in mind while buying maternity wear

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As the baby grows inside the tummy, mothers often ponder about the right clothes to wear that provide the ultimate comfort and warmth to both the mother and the baby. The usual clothes may fit for the first trimester, but then onwards, moms switch to larger clothes and maternity wear. The maternity wear not just includes tops and dresses but also, undergarments, comfy footwear, sweaters, and cardigans.

As the fetus develops inside the womb, it accompanies with itself some moments of celebrated “glow” and some hormonal changes as well. This calls for a type of clothing that isn’t too tight to maintain proper blood circulation and supports the growing belly.

We’ve curated a list of things to keep in mind before purchasing maternity clothes:

🔸See if the garment is suitable for breastfeeding so one can make the best use of it post-delivery as well.

🔸Go for basics with minimalist design so it gives a very casual chic vibe while being at ease.

🔸The material of the cloth plays a very vital role and hence clothes made of durable and breathable cotton must be preferred and fabrics that block ventilation and contain toxins must be avoided.

🔸Prefer trusted footwear brands of high quality and sole as there are going to be instances of swollen feet, and ankles.

🔸Invest in a maternity bra for larger breasts so the lactation process is carried on smoothly.

🔸Yes, we can wear jeans and pants during pregnancy! Keep in mind it has elastics, stretchable material, and not very tight from the thighs as well.

Comfort during pregnancy is a must. Gone are the days when women confined themselves into their homes. Now that mum-to-be prefers working and traveling even till the last month of delivery, tips like these keep you classy and relaxed during the most beautiful phase.

You can amplify your maternity closet with The Vanca’s special range of maternity clothing specially designed for our gorgeous mums to be!

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