About Us

Passion. Precision. Perfection.

Drawing inspiration from true European Fashion world and from the various connotations of this beautiful word, our team used it as the brand name for creating the collection of contemporary and timeless styles for women and men. We at The Vanca not only create fashion wear but instead believe in designing inspired styles that are in sync with your persona and also lessen the load on the environment. The designs harmonize with your inner self and bring out the real you with utmost grace and élan, and also promotes ethical practises.

Having been in the fashion industry for nearly two decades and taking its origin from the European Ensemble, The Vanca has catered to the fashion needs of more than one generation. Our passionate design team is inspired by innovations and believes in creating designs that suit the ever-changing fashion needs of our customers. We believe in giving our customers the most unique and addictive shopping experience.


The Vanca Group believes in the holistic development of brand, people and society. We understand our corporate social responsibility and have aligned our goals so that we contribute towards the betterment of our society as a whole. Our mission is to make sure that no matter what we do, we do it thoughtfully, compassionately and responsibly. Some of our major concerns and areas of focus include:

  • Lead by example in all spheres of business, practicing closed loop cycle for minimising wastage and reducing carbon footprint.
  • Work with ethical organizations for circularity, donation, upcycle and minimisation at each and every step.
  • Create complete sustainable business processes
  • Promote and practise ethical working practices, social compliances, and genuineness.
  • Understand the social impact we as an organisation have.

At the Vanca, we believe we have a responsibility to give back as much as we are capable of. In addition to using sustainable fabrics, processes, and production practises, we also believe in bringing our love of fashion and the welfare of society under the same umbrella. We as a company have policies in place to give employment and other growth opportunities to the weaker sections of our society. We provide training, employment, skill development and sponsorship for students. Our main focus is on:

  • Employing people from poor socio economic background
  • Training differently abled people to make them independent
  • Sponsoring school children who cannot afford their fees
  • Donating computers and uniforms to schools

We have pledged ourselves to provide holistic development to our company as well as the community. As we grow, so shall our initiatives to develop a harmonious society. Be it a decade long connection to Shiksha Prayaas (a well known NGO in the realm of education for undepriviledged children), or our initiatives that lead to the creation of a more eco-conscious consumer, we are adamant in creating a world that looks good, and does good too.


To combat the negative effects that result with the usage of fast fashion, ethical fashion is born. From sourcing ethical fabrics and yarns, to making sure the final garment doesn’t get disposed or discarded in a way that harms the environment, “slow fashion” covers it all.

With a drive to be better and do better, we at The Vanca make all our garments with creativity while keeping wearability in mind. With a small but devoted team that stands behind the cause which we support, we do everything with a lot of heart and soul. We hope you enjoy these garments as much as we enjoyed curating it specially for you! At every step of the process we strive to true to our values and generate awareness about the evils related to wrongful discarding of clothes. It’s finally the time to feel the sense of urgency and answer its call, let’s work on creating a better and a healthier environment for our future generations!