The Team

About Management:



Rajeev Sinha

Rajeev Sinha

He’s the fervid captain standing tall behind all initiatives at The Vanca. With his inimitable persona, he flawlessly manages operations, IT, marketing, and various business dynamics. He has shown exemplary performances at top-notch consulting firms such as PwC, IBM, and Keane Consulting. In his presence, Vanca witnessed immense growth notched up on the back of a stellar team that he brought together. He’s been traveling around the world, covering all continents and gathering knowledge about the industry and values of sustainable business acumen from around the globe. The counsel and wisdom he brings with himself are what makes him the real connotation of a true leader.

Anju Singh

Anju Singh

Anju is an exceptionally talented fashion designer and has been associated with European fashion for the last two decades. Her understanding of market dynamics has nurtured a fantastic learning environment. Having worked with distinguished fashion designers, she specializes in delivering the finest fashion piece and nurtures niche exporters/ sources for all types of garments. Her enraging virtues and intriguing designs always inspire and motivate everyone around to manifest their best self.

About team Members:


Deepak K

Deepak Kandpal

A gem of a human, Deepak has an analytical and logical mind. He has always provided us with valuable insights as a VP-Finance and his knowledge in Accounting is unparalleled. He’s a Semi Qualified Chartered Accountant with a working experience of more than 10 years in the Accounting, Auditing, and Taxation domain. His wise words often echo in The Vanca office as we row the boat through the river of fashion apparel. Traveling, bike riding, and add to that blogging, he’s definitely the facet in the diamond which is embedded and warms the core of The Vanca.

Shakti G

Shakti Goswami

Always positive and upbeat, Shakti gives immense justice to his name as he takes the team together with power and strength. He has studied Marketing Management in the Retail business and has over 5 years of experience in Retail and E-commerce. With utmost truthfulness and dignity, he brings a lot of value to the table working as a Merchandiser controlling the complete sampling and merchandising process. His interests are spread across a wide spectrum including reading, traveling and his mind often wonders and gauges the different aspects of life.


Parul Singh

Parul is the pillar behind the functioning of the management team as he provides reporting and analytical information support to them constantly. Like Google analytics, he is our Vanca analytics poster boy. He’s the go-to person for analyzing business information to identify process improvements and for increasing business efficacy. He ensures that products are sold at best price and has complete control on all sales and purchase. Parul is a big-time gaming fanatic and one of the youngest members of our team.

Deepak Shaklani

Deepak Saklani

Deepak is the Senior Warehouse Head and with his impeccable management and leadership abilities, he takes care of all logistics-related activities primarily warehouse operations and purchase. He handles his tasks with utmost dedication and passion. He’s a cricket enthusiast, a bibliophile and his favorite pastime activity is reading newspapers.

Komal Kolhi

Komal Kohli

One of the most experienced in the e-commerce domain, we have Komal who’s an expert Key account manager. She’s been in the industry for nine years and handles e-commerce, the market arena, and international accounts. She’s definitely one creative soul and loves humming to good music. Komal’s sketches are a treat to the eyes and she draws everything that tickles her mind. The truthfulness and dignity that she brings out make us realize that we too have the power to bring out the integrity to become as amazing as she is.

Akash panday

Akash Pandey

The most experienced in marketing and sales, we have amongst us a brilliantly talented and charismatic personality, Akash. Having over seven years of experience in e-commerce, he’s nothing but passionate and goal-oriented. With a background in engineering and MBA in sales and marketing, he’s currently working as a Business Manager. He looks after sales and e-marketing and strives to be a promising member of The Vanca Team.

Roshan Jha

Roshan Jha

Another cherished member whose vibes instill longanimity amongst everyone else, Roshan is a graduate in Apparel Merchandising with over 7 years of experience in Garment Exports and E-commerce. He’s currently working as a Purchase and Production head and with his deep understanding of controlling the complete production, he never fails to amaze. His traveling stories and dishes he cooks as a hobby are dear to everyone.


Ajay Majumdar

An all rounder who can fit into any team and has the potential to deliver at peak performance all the time. Ajay has been the backbone of all work and has been quick to respond to any challenge.

Prachi Mathur

Prachi is an talented creative Designer. She keep an eye on the street and read fashion magazines to spot trends and interpret specific color palettes, patterns and prints for each season. She sketch the designs by hand, create technical production drawing. From story board & mood board to actual garment she does everything very smoothly. Her talent & vision plays a big role in Vanca. Prachi has a will to go to the extra mile, she can work alone as well as in collaboration with others. She designs clothes which are aesthetically pleasing.

Piyush Nirala

Mr. piyush is the Head of QC Department. He has been in this industry from last 20years in Delhi NCR.
He always ensure that products adhere to quality standard.Piyush prepares report by collecting, analysing and summarise data. He implement method to inspection. Piyush is an fun loving person and very good team leader. He performs all his responsibilities gracefully.